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    Case Study #2

    junks gotta go



    At the final walk through there was a ton of old stuff in the crawlspace and under the deck. The buyer demanded the junk be hauled away before closing (in 2 hours).

    What Would Happen if I Didn’t Do Anything?


    The closing could have been postponed until the seller addressed the issues. The seller had already moved out of the area, so it would have been inconvenient for them to deal with it.

    What Did I Do?


    I called Junk Remedy who came right away. After taking photos of the items that needed to be junked, we were given an estimate for the work to load and dispose of the unwanted debris. While the buyers proceeded to sign the closing papers, I waited for the truck to provide access. The invoice was paid on my credit card to avoid having to revise the already approved closing statement, thus preventing further delays.



    The buyer closed on time and was happy to not deal with the junk. The seller appreciated not having to make last minute arrangements while in the process of moving. My job is to solve problems, so by having trusted professionals in my sphere we do what it takes. WIN WIN



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