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    Why do I NEED a Pre-Approval?

    Do you have plans to go home shopping this spring or summer 2020? Then you NEED to get your pre-approval letter now. Why?

    There are 3 reasons that a pre-approval letter is helpful to have at the beginning of the home shopping process. First, the loan officer will review your financial documents to give you a complete picture of what you will be approved for.
    Next, this process will help you learn how much house you can buy with a certain monthly payment. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to learn that you can actually afford more house for the same money?

    Finally and very important, the pre-approval letter shows the seller you are serious. When we submit your offer, you will be able to compete because you are prepared. The seller will want to work with you because your transaction will be smooth.

    Let’s get started. I’ll match you up with a stellar loan office today!


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