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    The Money is Short, Caroline Gau, Baird & Warner, Video

    I’d like to talk about what may be considered a taboo topic. It’s a subject that you won’t find shared on social media. At your upcoming holiday party it will not be the focus of conversation. For folks in this situation they might be feeling embarrassed, stuck, overwhelmed without a lot of options. Perhaps they are worried about the future or confused as to how they found themselves in this situation.
    What I am referring to is a homeowner who owes more on their home than the current value and are forced to sell because they can’t make the mortgage payments.

    In this video I explain what a short sale is and how we can help a family in this situation. If you know someone who might be in distress tell them I will meet with them confidentially.
    Stay tuned for next week’s Part II with real estate attorney David Chang who explains about working with the lender to get a short sale approved.

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