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    Renovations Revealed-Owner’s Spa

    Wow, what a makeover! You won’t believe the change in this owner’s spa bath. I got to take a tour with Teri, and let me tell you, the before-and-after difference is night and day. The old bathroom was all dark and moody, but now it’s like stepping into a serene dreamland. They really played with colors and light during this renovation. The dark shades are out, and in their place, they’ve gone for this fresh and open vibe. I’m totally loving the textured tiles they’ve used all over, especially the penny round floor tiles. They bring in this cool texture that just adds a whole new level of style. Now, here’s something interesting: they’re are not one, but two doors for the double shower. Yep, you heard it right – His and Hers sides! So, whether you’re team “I like it red” or team “I like it black,” everyone’s got their own space. It’s like having your own mini-spa retreat. But the real game-changer? Those glass cabinets above the sinks. Teri’s favorite part, and I can see why. They’re not just stylish, they’re also smart. Inside those cabinets, they’ve hidden plugs so you can keep all your charging cables and stuff out of sight, keeping your counters looking zen and clutter-free. Teri’s excitement about the glass cabinets is contagious. It’s clear they’ve thought of everything in this renovation – from the colors and tiles to the unique shower setup and the clever storage solutions. The result? A laid-back, inviting spa bath that’s all about good vibes and relaxation. Thanks Teri for sharing your new suite on Renovations Revealed. Stunning!

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