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    Power Partners-what’s in it for me?

    In these 2 recent reviews, there is a theme from my closed clients regarding their experiences not only working with me as their real estate agent to represent them, but they both mention my network of professionals.

    Today’s real estate market is quite interesting. I haven’t seen anything like this in 21 years as a Realtor. We have fewer sellers than last year. The sellers I have been working with this year have a reason to move. They need more guidance than just finding a buyer. As you read in these client stories, the sellers benefited from my “extensive collection of contacts, trades people, and specialists.” and “numerous honest and skilled service providers to assist in the surprisingly complex tasks associated with such a major move.”

    When you need anything home related whether it’s a detail cleaning, tuckpointing, mold remediation, or a handyman, ask me first. I’m very proud of the network I’ve created by hiring good people, treating them fairly, maintaining a relationship with them and sending them more future business. When you hire me, your transaction will be easier and more profitable using our trusted network. What’s on your list?


    From: D. Hensing – Seller

    On the advice of our physicians and our adult children we decided to move to an assisted living facility near one our children in South

    Carolina. This required not only selling our home of many years but also finding appropriate means of disposing of its contents accumulated in various locations over almost sixty years of marriage.


    Fortunately, we met and retained the services of Caroline Gau as our real estate agent to list and market our house. She oversaw all the aspects of preparing it for the steps of listing, staging and showing which led to a rapid and fair offer. But beyond this she brought us into contact with numerous honest and skilled service providers to assist in the surprisingly complex tasks associated with such a major move. We would unhesitatingly and strongly recommend Caroline for her extensive knowledge of the real estate field, especially in the Chicago area, her work ethic and her “team” of skilled associates providing needed services.


    From; Susan W – seller

    We just had Caroline sell our second house in as many years, and it was as positive experience in every way as the first one was. In both cases we had other realtors tamping down our price expectations, but Caroline came in with fresh eyes and priced both houses at the level she and we thought was warranted. And then she sold them both within days. And she sold the second one twice (when the initial offer fell through), both times in one day. Though she is definitely a Northbrook specialist, she came up to Lake Vila to sell this latest house, and I would argue that she understood that market better than the local specialists.One of my favorite aspects of working with Caroline is her extensive collection of contacts, trades people, and specialists. And she refers enough people to them that the mere mention of her name results in the riveted attention of the person you’re dealing with. They don’t want any negative reports getting back to Caroline that might jeopardize future referrals from her. That phenomenon worked to our benefit MANY times.I can’t say enough good things about Caroline and her team of all-stars, and can’t recommend them all highly enough. She’s the best!


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