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    Packing the Perfect Picnic

    When preparing for a picnic in Northbrook, Illinois, there are several items you might want to consider bringing. Northbrook has so many different parks to enjoy this summer.  Here’s a list of essential things you may want to pack for your picnic:

    1. Picnic blanket or mat: A comfortable and spacious blanket or mat to sit on.
    2. Sunscreen, Hats or Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays
    3. Bug spray: Keep pesky insects away to make your picnic more enjoyable.
    4. Cooler or insulated bag: Pack perishable food and drinks in a cooler or insulated bag to keep them fresh.
    5. Water bottles: Stay hydrated throughout the picnic.
    6. Disposable plates, cups, and cutlery: Opt for disposable or eco-friendly alternatives for easy cleanup. Also throw in a knife for cheese and packages.
    7. Napkins or paper towels: Useful for wiping hands or cleaning up spills.
    8. Portable grill or barbecue equipment (if allowed): Check the picnic area’s rules and regulations to see if grilling is permitted.
    9. Citronella candles & matches serve dual purpose for bug prevention as well as ambience
    10. Food: Pack a variety of delicious and easy-to-eat foods such as sandwiches, salads, fruits, chips, and finger foods. Cheeses, deli meats, crackers are easy to pack.  Don’t forget condiments and sauces!
    11. Drinks: Bring a selection of beverages like water, soda, juice, or even some chilled lemonade.
    12. Wine opener (often a forgotten item)
    13. Table cloth and foldable table. Chairs if going to a concert.
    14. Ice packs: Keep your perishable food and drinks cold by using ice packs in your cooler.
    15. Trash bags: Bring garbage bags to clean up after your picnic and keep the area tidy.
    16. Entertainment: Consider bringing outdoor games like frisbees, footballs, or water balloons.
    17. Portable Bluetooth speaker: If allowed and if you want some background music, bring a portable speaker and a playlist.

    Remember to check the weather forecast before your picnic and dress appropriately. Have fun and enjoy your picnic in Northbrook, Illinois!


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