An agent asked me why I changed companies. For me, it was an important decision I weighed for my next 10 years. There are many changes in our industry and challenges in the market. Now that we are a month in at Real Broker LLC, here’s what I’ve assimilated.

A better business model that truly is agent-centric. By this I mean the company we are growing makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of the agent. Support we now have such as health care plans, wealth management software, live training classes

Collaborative culture: in this model when the company grows, we all benefit so we are open-minded to share ideas with other agents around the country and Canada

For me, I wanted to be a small fish in a big pond bc surrounding myself with other high-achieving agents keeps me motivated.

A generously sponsored holiday party for all Illinois agents at ΓEA⅃

My coach asked me if I was lonely not going into an office. Not at all! The time I am not commuting to the office I use by working in public places talking with people, being out in the community.  There are daily online live  ΓEA⅃  groups to join when I want to engage more. I’m making an effort to attend networking events which are social as well as generate new business.

Tools to grow my team: We are hiring 1-2 licensed agents!