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    Is winter a good time to sell?

    Every year around Thanksgiving I get the question from a homeowner who is thinking of making a move-Is winter a good time to sell?
    In 2023, here are a few things we are discussing right now with potential sellers in Northbrook and the surrounding North Shore and Northwest Suburbs.

    -Home sales are at a 13 year low. Wait! That doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to sell. One main reason our sales are down is because of the inventory crunch.

    -In winter there will be fewer showings, however the buyers that are in the market right now are very eager to buy. Either they didn’t find what they are looking for (see above) or they have been hampered by multiple offers. We are seeing cash buyers who want to invest before the market heats up.

    -Your home looks cozy when it’s decorated. While we would want to appeal to the most buyers by a neutral staging plan, lighting a fire in the fireplace and seasonal decor goes a long way to have your buyer envision their own family gatherings when they live here.

    -Less competition from neighbors. How might you feel if you had been thinking of making a move, then your neighbor lists their home before you do? It happens. It’s a fact there are more listings in the spring. Spring also brings more competition for condition and price.

    -If you have a plan for where you want to live, then it might make sense for you to sell now rather than wait for the spring. The market needs more properly priced homes for sale. Could it be possible your home will star in our next Property Premiere?


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