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    How saying “You Have Three Options” drives success

    Attention real estate agents-take the guesswork out of difficult conversations. Over the last year we have been practicing the “Magic Words” written by Phil Jones in his book Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents. Each day my assistant cues up a phrase and I practice writing it, saying it and using it in my work. Like any skill eventually it becomes more habit.

    As Realtors we don’t make decisions for our clients. We give them the information to make an educated decision. When I had to request a price reduction, I provided data about the market conditions, stats on what has gone under contract recently and these words…

    You Have Three Options…

    The 3 options were: stay at the same price, reduce the price to X or third, reduce to a different price.

    The result? The client chose the third option at an even lower price. By giving the client 3 options, you allow the client to make the best decision for their timing, motivation and situation. Don’t steal that opportunity from your client. Read the book! It makes your conversations go easier…
    For more negotiation strategies ask me. Remember we get paid to solve problems.



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