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    How property videos help sell a house

    The benefits of property videos in selling a house apply to all real estate markets, as well as Northbrook, IL on the North Shore of Chicago. However, there are some specific ways in which property videos can help sell a house in the Northbrook real estate market:

    1. Showcasing the Neighborhood: Northbrook, is a beautiful suburb 25 miles north of Chicago, Illinois on the North Shore, known for its excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Property videos can showcase the neighborhood’s charm, attractions, and amenities, giving potential buyers a better sense of the community they may be joining. When families are researching the area before they move, seeing videos of where they will be living helps them fall in love before they arrive here.
    2. Highlighting Property Features: Northbrook offers a diverse range of properties, including downtown historic homes, modern mansions, and newly constructed developments. Property videos can highlight the unique features of a property, such as architectural details, landscaping, or custom finishes, that set it apart from other listings in the area. Caroline Gau says “Potential buyers spend more time reviewing the property details when there is a video as part of the marketing.”
    3. Increased Visibility: Property videos can increase a listing’s visibility, attracting more potential buyers to view the property and potentially make an offer. When a video is deemed relevant with the social algorithms, the property listing is shown across more platforms, providing the most exposure.
    4. Convenience: Property videos can save time for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can pre-screen properties to determine if they’re interested before scheduling a showing, while sellers can avoid unnecessary showings by pre-qualifying potential buyers who have already seen the video.

    Are you convinced that property videos are an effective tool for selling a house in the Northbrook real estate market? Helping to showcase the property’s unique features and advantages and attract potential buyers who may not have otherwise considered the listing. Will your property star in our next property premiere? Message Caroline Gau, Baird & Warner-Glenbrook. (847) 686-3182




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