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    How many people does it take to close a home sale?

    By my count at least 30! Does that surprise you?

    ✔︎Listing agent
    ✔︎Qtip cleaners (2)
    ✔︎Home inspector
    ✔︎carpet cleaner
    ✔︎Drone photographer
    ✔︎Sign company
    ✔︎Listing assistant
    ✔︎Loan officer
    ✔︎Bw admin
    ✔︎Tech Guru
    ✔︎Attorneys (2)
    ✔︎Buyers (1-2)
    ✔︎Radon inspector
    ✔︎Transaction coordinator
    ✔︎Buyers agent
    ✔︎Closing admin (2 buy & sell)
    ✔︎Land surveyor
    ✔︎ Closing agent
    ✔︎Title company

    Thank you to ALL the team who work together for a Successful Sale.

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