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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude and spend quality time with loved ones. Sometimes life gets in the way and we are stuck on ways to make the weekend memorable, at least for me.
    If you are short of ideas for ways to celebrate, here are a few ideas.

    1. Family Gathering:
    -Take turns preparing a meal. Have the family get involved to plan, shop and prepare a family meal. This takes the pressure off the host doing all the work.

    2.. Express Gratitude:
    – Some family members are more comfortable than others sharing what they are thankful for. Ask questions to get them talking. Be a good listener by letting them finish their sentence before chiming in with your own good idea. Around the table, sometimes less outspoken family members don’t feel heard. Engage them by asking questions on a topic they can relate to.

    3. Outdoor Activities:
    – We are experiencing a lovely fall here in Northbrook. Enjoy a new park or walk to downtown Northbrook and try out the new Napolita or new Starbucks.

    4. Volunteer and Give Back:
    – The Northfield Food Pantry and others are collecting food items. Goodwill has a drive thru location on Willow and Old Willow where you can pull up with donations.

    5. Movie Marathon:
    – Watch a new series on the screen together. We’ve enjoyed Lessons in Chemistry, The Guilded Age, Bodies, Suits, Yellowstone, and my personal favorite when you have the screen to yourself is… And Just Like That.

    6. Crafting and DIY Decorations:
    – We aren’t traveling this year so at home I have items from the closet to pull from for table decorations. When visiting family I like to be useful by making a seasonal centerpiece using nature in the yard-pinecones, colorful leaves.
    -A charcuterie board is well-received by guests. You can make an assortment of cheeses, meats, dips and veggies. Something for everyone to nosh on during the day while hanging around the fire.

    7. Game Night:
    – My personal favorite during the holidays. We love board games and don’t take the opportunity other times of the year to play. Do you know about Catan? Eurorails, Root, Dominion.
    8. Relax. Take a moment to sit down and reflect on the year. Life gets in the way, we forget how much we have accomplished or what is really important to us.
    On Sunday night when the house is quiet again, what will you look back on and think-”That was a wonderful holiday”. Design it to come to life!



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