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    Funny (or not) Story: Just Another Sunday

    Today, I had a rather eventful Sunday as I ventured out with various groups to explore different homes. One property had particularly caught our fancy, so we decided to bring back the family for a second opinion. However, when we arrived, we were met with a surprising sight: another group was still viewing the property. I recognized the showing agent and exchanged pleasantries with her. I wasn’t expecting her reply:
    “My client is locked in the bathroom!” Fortunately, it wasn’t a child, but they were in quite a predicament, trying to free the door with an array of tools. After an astonishing 20 minutes, we decided it was best to leave, still mystified by the situation.
    Then the listing agent phoned me to inform me that the fire department had been dispatched to rescue the trapped individual. I sure hope they buy the house!



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