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    Funny (or not so funny) story on the way to the closing table.

    Our journey to the closing table took an unexpected turn during the final walk-through. Picture this: we arrived at the property, only to find that it seemed like the seller was still very much living there! The lights were on, the kitchen cabinets were fully stocked with dishes, and there was even furniture scattered throughout the basement. All of this, mind you, just one hour before our scheduled closing time.

    In a mild panic, I quickly dialed up the listing agent, to see what was up?. To my surprise, she had absolutely no idea what was going on either. All of a sudden, the seller’s attorney suddenly made an appearance at the house, as he was supposed to meet his client there to sign some crucial paperwork. What? That should have been done days ago, right?

    I showed the attorney around the property, at which point he told me the seller enlisted a friend to help her move. Together, they were frantically shuttling belongings to and from a storage locker, apparently in a last-minute effort to clear the property.

    We proceeded to the title company for our closing appointment on time.  We swiftly hammered out an agreement that required the seller to ensure everything was completely vacated by a specified deadline, before the sale proceeds would be released.

    That was a tad stressful, but sometimes life throws you curveballs, even in real estate. Our unconventional arrangement ultimately paid off. The seller managed to beat the clock, and my buyers were excited to buy their dream home.



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