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    Don’t be Fooled by False Promises

    These days there is competition for new listings. With so few homes for sale, potential listing agents may appear desperate to sign up a seller and do whatever it takes to accept a new property to sell. Even if they aren’t desperate, perhaps there isn’t enough data to provide accurate pricing for that new listing.


    Don’t be fooled by false promises!

    ~Is the property properly priced for today’s market?

    ~Is the marketing presenting your home in the best light with professional videos?

    ~Will your home be promoted to ALL the active buyers, not just the early birds?


    I’ve witnessed some crazy experiences in the last month. Allow me to share an example of why overpricing the property is not to the seller’s advantage. Last fall I was referred to a seller by a friend and I met with one of the family members, who wasn’t the decision maker. My suggested price was around $800K. I shared my extensive marketing plan which includes videos, 3d tours, floor plans, brochures, interactive floor plans, drone photography and more. The seller chose another realtor and listed the house at $994,000. Let’s say objectively speaking there was not this level of marketing included from what I saw when I showed a buyer. After one month of no offers the price was lowered to $845K. After a total of 87 days on market the property finally sold for $722K-10% lower than my original recommended value.


    Don’t make the same mistake. When selling your home in 2024, consider the recent data & marketing strategy to maximize your profit. Avoid the bait & switch so this doesn’t happen to you.



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