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    Best emotional decision…

    Best emotional decision I have made in 2023 and beyond…

    In October I made the decision to move from a traditional brokerage model to Real Broker LLC. The company is experiencing exponential growth of agents around the country and in Canada. I took notice. Agents I know & admire from around the country were jumping aboard so I looked into it.

    As my team grows, team members will benefit too from the 9 different revenue streams. That was appealing but it wasn’t the reason for the change.

    Why did I make the change? Two reasons~
    1. The industry is changing. We need to stay relevant at the forefront of change to show up for our clients at an exceptional level.
    2. I have lofty goals and want to surround myself with other top performers, who are growing businesses in the same way by collaborating. There’s a culture of support built-in to the new model, so instead of competing we are rewarded for sharing our expertise with other Real agents. That is what I was searching for. Not silos, but an interwoven network of kind agents doing amazing things.

    Emotionally I am in a better place this year because the future has hope & opportunities. We are learning from powerhouses of leaders on any topic in real time. For me, I was pleasantly surprised that the “agent-centric focus” really is true. It’s a different model and not for everyone. I’m grateful to be a part of the fast-growing company that will impact the real estate industry, as we redefine how greatness shows up. Cheers for a prosperous 2024!



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