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    5 Lessons I Learned as a Seller in Northbrook, IL

    I always say that Realtors should move every 5 years to empathize with the plight of sellers. Moving sucks! I took my own advice and became a seller. Here are 5 lessons I learned through the process.

    5. It takes days longer than you think it will to de-clutter, donate, purge. Start early and often
    4 . Get in front of the objections. If there is a repair that you know needs to be addressed but you couldn’t get to it for whatever reason before listing, then provide a solution to your buyer. An example would be finishing hardwood floors. This is difficult to accomplish with a household of pets and children. Ideally, the floors would be done. But in a realistic scenario it’s not always possible. You could offer to refinish the floors after you move out or provide a credit.

    3 . Even if your house is regularly cleaned, build a routine about leaving the house in tip-top shape. Build a routine around prep such as turn on lights, light a candle, play soft music. 2nd to last is mop floors in the traffic areas. First thing in the morning put dishes away, wipe counters and tidy rooms.

    2. In NB the average market time is 68 days. Don’t panic if the house doesn’t sell instantly.

    1.The house is a product now. Try to have a thick skin about comments. Some agents can be mean with their criticism. Instead of taking it personally, tell yourself it’s not what they are looking for or if I love it, the right person will too.


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